Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bubba Spaulding Journal #2

Hello My name is Jody Spaulding but everyone calls me Bubba. I am a 43 year old, non-traditional student. I am going to college to get my Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering. I work at the Whirlpool Corporation. I have been there for 23 years and plan on being a Quality Engineer someday. I love to solve the problems that come about at work everyday. There is something different all the time. I have lived in Marion most of my life. There was a short period of time that I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. I was born there, my dad was in the Air Force and that is where he was stationed at the time I was born. I am married and have 3 boys, 21, 20 and 11 years old. I also have 3 dogs, 5 cats (not all inside), 7 goats, 15 chickens and soon to be 2 cows. I live in the country trying to be as self sufficient as possible. My favorite place to vacation so far is Miami Florida.

Unfortunately, I believe that we the people as a whole will never judging one another. We will always discriminate against on another. The women that had the name that sounded, or was Arabic was judged to quickly and was not even given a chance to prove what type of person she was. I am ashamed to say that I have done things similar to that. I try not to  for there is only one man that has the right to judge and I am not Him.

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  1. That is cool that you raise animals, I actually want to raise at least a couple chickens when I get a house.

    What is the part of the readings from Mirror On America that interested you most or at all? A part that was intriguing to me was how the media can spin a story in certain ways, encouraging you to lean a particular direction for some issues.


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