Monday, January 18, 2016

Journal Two by Rebecca Aleshire

     My name is Rebecca Nicole Linn Aleshire, my birthday is on January 20th. I am a transfer student from Columbus State and I plan on becoming a Dental Hygienist. I also, love helping people so it helped me to choose my major. I am a twin and she also goes to Ohio State Marion. My fun fact was that I met my other "twin" in college.
     The things that stood out in the book Mirror On America that we read was the diversity and the prejudice of the world. The stories were about how we prejudge people before we know them. First, I find that being prejudice changes how people treat other people. Think of it in this case as what if you had a boss that was different than you, from another culture it would be hard to work together. So, I feel that we should not judge people based on their culture. We should judge them based on their skills and personality. I feel like this is important because the world would be a lot different if we could get rid of being prejudice. War would be limited and people could live without problems more effective.


  1. Rebecca, my post was also about prejudice, but I really like how you gave an example of a boss being from a different culture. Where I work I have had several people get a job that have come from places like Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Philippines and I have seen so much diversity. There are always people that have jokes to make no matter where people come from. It can be heartbreaking sometimes to see and hear their judgments, but the best I can do is create a positive work environment for any of my employees.

  2. I like how you incorporated diversity into it. Its crazy that people encourage diversity in all sorts of things, but at the same time they discourage it and silently judge anything that is different or anything they don't accept.


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