Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome from Mike Lohre

Hello students and you will have a handout to guide you through this first blog post for Journal Two.

We hope to use this interface to really read and write in a medium that is popular and allows us to use media and technology to express ourselves,  and also explore and share ideas.

Have fun and you'll hear a lot of stories from me this semester so I won't say much here, but here's a picture of my wife and I in Florida for an eco-tour of the mangroves last year.  We both love learning about nature and we farm part-time together.  My wife's name is Irene and she works at Willow Brook in Delaware and really loves to garden and care for the elderly. 

Please read your instructions for the blog and for Journal Two,and then post your words and images to this site.  Good luck, and see you soon on this blog!


In a mangrove forest in Florida with my wife Irene.

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