Monday, January 18, 2016

Kristen M. Journal Two

Hello, my name is Kristen. I am a business major and hope to open up my own business one day. I was born in West Virginia, but moved to Ohio at a young age and currently live in Delaware. I am also a full time Manager at the Burger King where I live. My interesting fact was that I quit my dream of playing basketball in college after receiving several offers to pursue a different goal of mine, which is to have school as my main focus with minimal distractions and to graduate with close to no debt.

The theme that stood out to me after our first reading assignment in the book Mirror on America was prejudice. From what I read people were being judged based on their names or physical traits. For example, in the first short story, Lorraine Ali said she would be asked if she was a terrorist simply because her last name sounded Arabic. This is really important to me because I have been judged based upon somethings that I have no control over. I believe that people shouldn't be judged based upon their outer appearance or the actions of others, but by the actions of themselves.


  1. I agree that people should be judged based on their actions, not their appearance. I believe that everyone has prejudice. We just need to learn not to make decisions using prejudice.

  2. Kristen,
    Its always nice to read the things you write. I am finding it nice that a lot of the young people in college have a plan. You sound like you do.
    Unfortunately I believe that discrimination will never go away. We as a "whole society" will judge each other. And we will make decisions how we feel about people by those prejudices.


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