Thursday, April 21, 2016

Antonio - Reading, Writing, Wild Dreams

Part One:
My future reading goals are to actually keep reading, I used to read a lot but fell away from it over time. I also want to get back into reading and read books to my daughter in the hopes that she will take a liking to it. Writing goals would have to be getting my thoughts onto paper (or electronic document most likely). I have some ideas that I do not remember sometimes or would do better if recorded in order to be fleshed out. In order to continue education, even outside of college I continue to listen to podcasts, especially Dan Carlin's, but also do some research on my own about topics that resonate wit me.

For the two books that I want to read, one is titled Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization by Graham Hancock. This book goes deep into pre-history and suggests that even older civilizations than what we currently acknowledge could have existed. Ultimately we are unable to answer questions about the past, but creating theories with such a small amount of evidence to work with is a fascinating part of history, and even if this book is proved false, it is good to postulate new ways of thinking about our past. My other choice is to read Plato's Republic. I want to read this book because I have had it in my mind to read it for 2 years but never got around to it. It interests me because it is a book written so long ago but still holds value today.

Part Two:
My career goal, outside of a normal career, would be to create video games. I have played video games most of my life and recently got into game design and what makes a game "fun". This is something that I want to explore further to create my own game, or several, and would be rewarding. It requires creativity along with logical thinking if how to make it make sense in terms of rules. To do this just requires some more reading and dedication though!

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