Friday, April 8, 2016

Journal 8 Theo

After listening to the logical insanity podcast I wanted to know more about the neutron bomb, he mentioned the effects of it but didn't go into great detail about it. I looked it up and found a really good link that describes the history and creation of the bomb. , Iwas really suprised to find out that the neutron bomb was not created intentionally, it was made from the hydrogen bomb. Someone theorized that if you remove the uranium casing around the head, the it would allow radiation to be sent for miles while creating a minimal explosion. It's really scary to think about this bomb because, unlike other bombs, this one is purely constructed and intended on only killing people. The military use for this weapon is to take out ground forces such as tanks, without hurting the tank itself. By using this bomb we can send leathel amounts of radiation through even the thickest of steel in a tank and kill it's passangers. This bomb is really scary because you might not even see it explode and BAM your on the ground coughing up blood and in terrible pain till you eventually die a slow painful death. Why would any society find such a cruel device ok?

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