Thursday, April 21, 2016

Final blog

My future reading and writing goals is to get in a class where I can sharpen my journalist skills even more. My favorite part of this class was making the Holding on profile. I loved going out and making something myself rather than just reading about it. I think the two books I really want to read right now is Let the trumpet sound (biography of Dr.King) and Grapes of Wraith because I've heard such good things about both those books.

I think my dream is to discover another piece of our history through fossils. As an anthropology major I really want to be one of the people to discover an entirely new species that adds a link to us and the line of animals leading up to us. Being in class and seeing how much there is we still don't know about our own origins really excites me because I see an opportunity to figure out some of the puzzle, even if only a little piece. 

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