Thursday, April 21, 2016

My future writing goals are, I work in an environment of business and engineering. I would like to write in a business manner to be able to communicate with other engineers and vice presidents and presidents of Whirlpool. I want to sound more educated and mature. The book "Step up and Lead" wold be a good book to read for my field. I am in a semi-leadership role already and stepping up would be good for me.

Being a leader is a great thing as long as you dont abuse it. Learning how to be a great leader will only benefit me. Reading "5 Levels of Leadership" I think would help me with that.

I spent a long time at Whirlpool working on the main floor. I was stuck in the same rut for 22 years and it was a deep rut. I am now working a job, still at Whirlpool, that has opened so many doors for me. A Quality Engineering Tech is just a step away from Engineer. I love my job because I am presented with problems that the people on the floor have and I have to solve it for them. If it makes their job easier then we both benefit from it. I thought that when I was in the rut those doors of opportunity were closed and locked. But, by the will of God those doors were always open and open for me. He has blessed me with so much. I couldnt ask for anything more. Being a Quality Engineer helping the workers and the company I work for is what Im shooting for.

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