Friday, February 19, 2016

GMO OMG , Bubba Spaulding

At the beginning of the film I had mixed feelings about GMO's. I did not understand them or did I know what they really were. I did my research and watched the film GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert and I find myself with mixed feelings still. But I am leaning toward the side of against GMO food. I'm not sure who said this in the film but it did stick in my brain and I do firmly believe it. "Its not the way nature made it." I totally agree with this. To me if falls along the same lines as test tube clones and babies. Who are we to play God? I'm sorry I'm getting religious here but God had this world created for us and here is man kind saying with our actions, "Its not good enough, we will make it better."
The thing I don't understand is that we have all this food, all this corn, grain and other stuff we grow and there is still 14 billion people that are malnourished in this world. And since we are using the GMO seeds there are now 5.1 billion pounds of insects that are becoming resistant to pesticides. This is natures way of fighting back and telling us to "STOP!!" Again the movie went to fast for me to catch the persons name who said this but it goes along with trying to play God. The person said "We are trying to patent nature and I don't think its moral." It just seems to me that we are trying to make things better, we might be but we are making other things worse. For example humans are still getting sick but the antibiotics that we have to take are not working because those same antibiotics are being used on livestock, causing an adverse affect on us.
I guess I do have a one sided opinion on this but not for the reasons others have. I don't think we should play God. We should live with what we have and learn how to do it better, not change it to make it easier and more profitable.


  1. Bubba, I think ethical and moral concerns are a big part of how we make decisions and view the world, and our belief systems are a big part of this. I totally understand your concerns about human beings playing God with nature, and I actually share them. I think we have to be very very careful and thoughtful about the degree of genetic modification we allow. At the least, we need to know a lot more about it, in my opinion!

  2. We ended up using the same photo, which is pretty awesome. Like you, I didn't understand GMOs too much prior to the film, and I can't honestly say I truly understand what they are afterward. I do think the point of the documentary was simply meant to introduce the topic to people. I agree that the world is leaning toward "playing God," and I wonder whether we will have this big backlash later in the future. When I eat these heavily manufactured foods, I always wonder what damage they may do to my body.


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