Thursday, February 18, 2016

Journal Four from Patience

I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who knows little to nothing about GMOs as well as Monsanto. I found the film enlightening. I never knew how strongly some people feel about GMOs until it was depicted in the movie. The people in Haiti are almost completely against the use of genetically modified organisms, and when Monsanto offered them to the Haitians after the earthquake the people turned them down,even in their time of dire need. This speaks volumes to how strongly some people feel on the subject, As well, some countries have even outlawed the use of GMOs and others require proper labeling on all processed food products sold in the area.

"80% of all processed foods in America contain GMOs," and as shown in the movie, most people don't even know what they are. We are consuming these foods and do not even know what we are putting into our body. Is it harmful? That is unclear. However, shouldn't we have the right to know what we are eating and how it could alter us later in our lives? Apparently, Monsanto does not think so. When legislation was brought forth in some states to make labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms a law, Monsanto jumped in and threatened to sue, should the legislation pass. This seems sketchy; why, if it was safe, would they not want to label their foods? Monsanto, whether you believe GMOs are good or bad, is clearly hiding something, which only furthers the question of our own safety in the foods we consume every day.

Something else that shocked me was the outreach of GMOs. Not only is it in most of the processed food consumed in America, but it can also be in meats and dairy foods that are home grown. It is entirely possible to eat a cut of meat that, when alive, ingested feed that contained GMO seeds. This is frightening simply because we almost have no choice but to consume these things that we are unsure about. There is almost no escape. Even when Jeremy, the filmmaker, took his children fishing in the woods and they ate the fish, they had the potential to be consuming GMOs, as the fish were fed pellets that possibly contained the material. Deciphering what exactly contains them is difficult, and should be made easy here in the states, whether you believe in the use of genetically modified organisms or not.


  1. When I watched this movie I was stunned to see how little we actually know about GMOs. I never knew what they were. I also never knew that they were such a huge part of my life. I thought that this film was very well produced even though it had a very low budget. This movie mad me more aware of GMos and made me question where I want to stand when it comes to them.

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  3. i agree with you because if it was okay with us to eat they shouldn't have anything to hide. I also put in my post that we should be able to choose the foods with GMOs in it. However the company may not want to label stuff because they make think people will choose to put it back by knowing what is in it.

  4. I also found Monsanto's lack of empathy appalling, guess it just goes to show that big company's like Monsanto's only care about the money and have no real interest of the heath of their clients.


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