Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Journal Four from Alli Clark

GMO OMG - An Introduction to Understanding

In the film GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert, he is trying to create a general understanding for himself to understanding GMO's. Even though there is much bias throughout the whole movie, I believe that the information is still relevant. There are many different viewpoints to be taken here, and the one that I believe to be most prevalent is the art of "questioning". We as Americans have the right to know where our food is coming from and how it is made. We also should have the choice to decide if we want to ingest GMO modified foods. In the movie, it says 80% of processed foods are genetically modified and we as consumers have no clue which of it is or not, In his countless interviews with average citizens, many are not even aware that they are eating them or what they are. I think that is where our problem starts.
I would recommend this film to anyone who wants the basic understanding of what GMOs are, but would advise to look at other sources that aren't as biased towards organic foods along with watching the movie. The visuals used in the film  are there to create a "feeling" inside of the viewers. He uses the connection of family in the film to create a message. As a parent or adult, the damage has hypothetically already been done, but the real question is do we want to raise the next generation in a world of uncertainty and unsafe food consumption. Seifert strives to know what the affects of GMOs are and how they will affect the future of our country. He strives to know this for his children and for society. His honesty and easy going nature really makes the film connectable and easy to watch and understand.
If you see through the bias in this film, and take the views with a grain of salt, one can become very aware of the role of GMOs in our society and the future of it. It proposes questions of our current situations which I believe to be important, and gives credible sources and information to further find answers to these questions. We can use this movie as a tool to better our country, and we should not turn a blind eye to it. It is important to be an educated citizen movies like GMO OMG do just that for us, that's why I recommend it to all.

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