Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal Three - Antonio

The reading for Holding On is easy to get through because of the way the stories are told. Each profile is short and digestible, letting you reflect on a person's profile quickly then move to the next one. I enjoy these interviews because it gives views of people around the country that I would never meet in person. At times the chapters are not captivating for me, such as the dinosaur park one. To continue actively reading I try to take notes while I go, about things that interested me or words I did not understand.

The person that stood out most for me was the herb expert, Tommie Bass. Although some of his claims were extraordinary, herbs and teas can affect the body in many positive ways. I especially liked when he listed off various herbs and their uses for common complaints of people. He also came started young and never demanded a payment for helping someone, just the satisfaction of aiding them seemed to be enough for Bass.


  1. I also like that the readings are short and digestible. I like your method of taking notes to actively read.

  2. I think that digestible is an excellent word to describe Holding On. I also enjoyed that the book lets us meet up with these unique people that we would probably never meet in our day to day lives. It's a shame that you didn't like Mr Bean's dinosaur park because I thought it was quite odd/fun to read.
    I am surprised by how many of our fellow classmates are speaking about Mr. Bass and his herbs. Like I've mentioned in other posts, I think the idea of a herbalist seems very archaic. It just seems like such an old profession that it belongs in some fantasy world. I don't want to sound like I didn't enjoy the read or respect Bass, but it was just crazy to hear of a man still practicing this somewhat "outdated" discipline.


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