Friday, February 26, 2016

Journal 5 Theo Potts

Four jurnal 5 I chosee to do the Zimmerman Profile. I thought Zimmermans profile was particularly interesting because its one of the profiles that Isay uses a third person perspective for the majority of the profile (with some sentences from Zimmerman himself.) I think he does it this way because there is so much to say about the actual hotel and Zimmerman probably isn't one for talking. He lives in a cave in the middle of no where, his social skills probably aren't the best. This profile is also one of the few that have more than one picture. The first picture depicts Zimmerman in one of his cave suiets, and after furter examination you can see that hes in one of the deluxe rooms because hes sitting on a old bus chair. The second pictue is probably my favorite because it screams "free" to me. It shows one of the caves and gives the back drop of the seemingly endless desert behind it. I love that in the window theres a picture of jesus along with a bald egale just over his head, combined with the shack and the desert all I can think of is freedom. Freedom to live where ever you want and live how you want. The last picture I like to think is the best one of Zimmerman. Although you can't see his face it depicts him the best, his love of the caves, the land, his pets, and even the shadow of him being reclusive. I don't think he needs or wants anything more than those simple things. I think out of all the profiles in this book Zimmerman has to be at least in the top five for living creativly. He makes a hotel out of what most people consider to be junk, and yet I bet he is happier than most people. I think the message that meant the most to me was on page is on page 139 when Zimmerman is talking. He describes how the natural is just as good if not better than what most hotels have, but my favorite part is when he says " Taking his own cue, Dick straps on a guitar and launches into a lengthy and somewhat tuneless rendition of Listen to the Mockingbird". I can only imagine him whipping out a guitar and singing, I like to think he is so happy that he's ready to break out into song on the spot.


  1. I agree with you in that this story encompasses this theme of freedom. Zimmerman just wanted to live life the way he wants to and got away from conventional society to do so. His caves might be dusty and simplistic yet people who are traveling still come by to stay there for cheap and enjoy their freedom out in this desert wasteland that he is living in. This man is definitely happy in his way of life and I agree that him singing on the spot truly shows how content he is.

  2. Having complete freedom like Zimmerman has must be a wonderful thing to experience. I think that today we are so caught up with our day-today lives that we often end up forcing ourselves to do things that we really do not want to, just because we feel obligated or somehow responsible. Zimmerman, however, has chosen to do exactly what he wanted to do, out in the desert. His hotel may not make for an extravagant vacation, but it is just what he wanted.


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