Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal 3- Matthew

I am enjoying reading Holding On. I like the variety of people that the author wrote about. I also like the interesting pictures that go with each of the stories. One weakness I see in this book is that it sometimes it doesn't tell you very much about the person beyond the story it's telling. I've used underlining to be active in my reading.

I thought the story about Donald Bean was interesting. I think the important themes of this story are dreams and imagination. Bean decided that he wanted to build a dinosaur park, so he did it. Even though the park hasn't been as successful as he had hoped for, but he continues to keep it going, because it's his dream. I liked the Isay wrote this story, because he included a lot of quotes from Bean. I liked this, because it made me feel like I was really hearing the story from Bean himself, rather than just reading it.

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  1. I also feel like Holding On would be a lot stronger book if it didn't just briefly glimpse into these peoples lives and wrote more encompassing stories. Donald Bean is definitely a interesting character. I don't know anyone who had a dream and truly dedicated themselves enough to fulfill it like this man did and I truly think it is applaudable. Even though it might have been a financial failure for his family, it was his dream and he is content. I think this says a lot about this mans character and says a lot about how we as a society do not usually stick to our dreams and get stuck into dead end jobs or situations where we feel stuck and cannot progress.


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