Monday, February 29, 2016

Journal 5- Z. L Hill- Devon

For this profile Isay used first person point of view. He did this that way the reader could get a better understanding of who she was.  In this profile a lot of flashbacks are used. I think that this was very helpful. It made the history more clear and helped people understand how important the hotel meant to people. Bessie Smith had died when the place was hotel was a hospital. I think that this showed how much things could change.

The first thing that I do not think you would notice if you weren't paying attention is to me what looks like a person standing in the door way behind Hill. The person looks as they may be leaning up against the wall. The next thing I saw was hair growing out of her chin. From the picture I got that the hotel was a place where people came when in despair. I think that the hair on Hills chin showed what kind of woman she was. She did not care what others thought about her. I think that she is very alright with herself and what she has made of life.

I think that Hill represents the theme of creativity because she made something out of nothing. She started out with nothing but faith. She didn't give up and she made the place into something that she would like. She made a hospital into a hotel which I bet wasn't easy. I think that she would have to know a lot of different things to run a hotel. She would have to make sure the bills got paid. She would have to provide enough comfort to make people want to come back. I think that she would have to be very organized.

A passage I underlined was on page 156 " The Riverside belong to the people. I tell you which way to go and what to do, but Bessie Smith made this their home." A building is a building. The people that inhabit this building are what give the building it's personality. We make places how we want them to be.  We may be told how to do things but we will leave a piece of us in the building.  We may not stay for long but when we are there we will try to make it into something that we like.


  1. I agree with your creativity comment. There are so many different ways a person can be creative in all aspects of life. In this case, Hill is very creative because like you said she made nothing into something. I also love how she characterizes the building with the people as well. It just goes to show how much people can have an effect on other people and other things.

  2. I agree with your passage because a building is just a building because you are what makes it come alive. We make houses the way we want them to look because it appeals to us. If we didn't buildings would look pain and ordinary.

  3. Similar to what I thought about Dillan's post and the profile that he analyzed, its often really hard for people to grasp this concept. That in all honesty, believing in yourself is the most important thing. The struggles that people go through to make their dreams come alive i believe is what really defines them as a person.

  4. I think its inspiring that Hill is able to create something out of nothing. I also noticed the hairs on Hill's chin but i figured shes just from a generation before plucking their facial hair. I agree though that a build is just a building and the people inside are what gives it personality or meaning.


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