Thursday, February 18, 2016

Journal four, Theo Potts

After watching this documentary I have a totally different look on GMO's. I used to think that genetically modified good was just something we had to do to survive, but after seeing the success of organic farms I'm not so convinced. They said in the film that organic farms produce 30% more yield in bad weather than GMO fields. So then why do we do it? The answer is one that applies to just about every big business, especially in america, money. Money drives these companies to push their product onto farmers, and the worst part is they even have the farmers convinced! There was one farmer in the documentary who said that the GMOs in the product wasn't the problem, it was the insecticides. If he doesn't know what is in the food he's growing I don't think he should be a farmer. Even when I talked to one of the people who run the resteraunt I work at they didn't seem to have much of a clue as to what is in our food. So the real question is how do we stop GMOs? The reality of it is we have to start with the individual. We have to demand for non GMO crops, and inform others of what is in those crops so they can protest it too. Once we make our voice heard we can get it outlawed like so many other countries have done and maybe start to work toward a more healthy and honest future.

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