Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good Questions brainstorming sharing. From Mike Lohre

Students, you have created a list of 9 Good Questions for today.  Share your best question on dreams and dreamers, your best question on eccentricity, and your best general question that you might ask anybody.

Share these three best questions in the Comments section here, so we have them all in one place here below my post.  Then we can cherry pick some of the best questions for our own question lists for our interviews.




  1. 1.) Do you believe in finding the best in people? Why?
    2.) Where did you dream for you to be in life as a child? Who or what influenced this if anything?
    3.) What's your favorite story to tell people? (Craziest thing you've ever done, etc.)

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  3. Dreamer- What is one thing you always dreamed of doing when you were younger, but were never able to accomplish? How, if you could go back, would you change events to reach your goal?

    Eccentric- What is your idea of a perfect world?

    Normal Question- How did your childhood affect your adult life?

  4. Dreamer- (this is a simple question, but it's a powerful one that should lead to some good follow-up questions) Do you think you achieved your dream?

    Eccentric- When has being eccentric helped you achieve a goal?

    General Question- Do you see yourself being remembered?

  5. 1. What are the challenges that you've faced as you have chased after your dreams?
    2. In what ways have you gone against the common norms that many of us follow?
    3. What qualities do you believe make a good leader?

  6. 1.) If you could start your career over again, what would you do differently?
    2.) Was there an event in your life that other people would find strange?
    3.) Did you have goals to help you achieve your biggest dream in life?

  7. 1)Do you believe anyone can succeed in America?
    2)Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
    3)Have you ever been shunned for your eccentric methods?

  8. 1) As a child what dreams did you have? Why or How have they changed over the years?
    2) What drives you or motivates you to keep going?
    3) What kind of failures have you faced and how have you overcame them?

  9. 1) Are you living your dream day to day?
    2) What is the biggest factor about you that makes you an eccentric or different from other people?
    3)How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

  10. 1. What would you want to tell other dreamers out there, that are told that they cannot achieve their dreams?
    2. What do you think people will remember you for?
    3. What has been your main focus in life most recently?

  11. General-- Who/what has influenced you most in your life? Did you have a mentor/muse?
    Eccentric--What simple moment in life do you enjoy most? (i.e. taking your shoes off after a long day of walking)
    Dreamer--How has parenthood effected your dreams?

  12. General: Why did you choose your current career and what makes you stay with it?

    Eccentric: What qualities make you the person you are today?

    Dreamer: Has your dream been fulfilled, or is it still in the process of coming to fruition?


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