Tuesday, February 16, 2016

GMOs Questions: Dillan

For today's homework I decided to interview my sister, who is kind of going through a health kick, and my girlfriend as she is a mother.

My sister doesn't trust GMOs. Because of her recent healthy-living-enthusiasm, she has been attempting to be very aware of what she is eating and what is inside the food she eats. She is afraid that GMOs might be some form of poison or disease causing force, but she does eat food with GMOs in them. Her mentality is that she tries to avoid them, but she knows that she can't wholly avoid them because there are just too many food products that have been effected by GMOs.

She believes that the use of GMOs in food production causes the price of growing the food to be lowered, which she thinks is good because it allows more people to afford meat and vegetables. Like previously stated, she thinks that GMOs may be poisonous, and she thinks that people shouldn't be eating the now cheaper meat and vegetables. She was quite conflicted over the subject.

My girlfriend admitted that she doesn't know too much about GMOs. We both talked about how little we know of the subject, and how split people are over it. She figures that a majority of the food we eat has been effected by GMOs in some way or another, and she isn't too concerned over the matter. She figures that they're just common place now, and until their is definitive evidence that GMOs are dangerous she would rather wait and see what happens.

She said that she heard the GMOs cut cost production, and she heard that they make super plants and animals. Basically, GMOs are used to just make these food products bigger and more resilient. She has heard that they cause cancer, but she isn't convinced that they do.

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