Monday, February 29, 2016

Journal 5 - Randi Goney
     For this journal I choose the profile of Stanley Kilarr, the record collector. Isay uses the first person point of view for this profile, and I think that allows us as readers to really step into his shoes and experience the same things he is seeing. Isay also includes multiple sections of Kilarr speaking directly about himself and his records. Through Kilarr's speaking, the readers can understand this man better and are able to get to know his personality.
    The photo for this profile is one of my favorites so far in the book. One thing someone may not notice at first is the curtains on the window that are actually falling off. They seem detached from the one side, maybe because the room is so cluttered and Kilarr's focus is more on his collection than his indoor decorations. Another thing someone may not see is where Kilarr is pointing to. It does not look like anywhere specific, but it could be him pointing to his favorite record or just a specific one that's important to him. Lastly, one may not notice the actual amount of records there are just in this one picture of this one room. At first glance one may look at it and see that yes it is a lot, but they do not take in just how much. How much Kilarr has devoted his life to collecting his most prized possessions. This picture shows Kilarr's life. It holds a thousand words and gives off a positive representation of who he is. The picture reveals a lifetime of dedication and passion.
     Stanley Kilarr represents creativity beyond what words can describe. The diversity of records he holds and the records themselves hold creativity. The work and time put into writing songs for all the different records and then this man putting all his time into collecting and listening to the records is creativity at its maximum. The skills Kilarr might need to live his life of choice involve patience. All his records were not just handed over to him. He had to have patience in collecting and adding to his collection over his lifetime.
       I personally love the quote by Kilarr that "in time it draws you back and you want to hear it again." Kilarr is so into his collection that he lives through the music played and it can take him to a happy place in time that he wants to remember. Patience is a big theme in this profile. Kilarr would not have the collection he does today without the patience he put foreword while collecting.  


  1. Kilar has many good qualities but I also get reminded of Robert Shields, the worlds longest diary profile. His eccentricity seemed to consume his life, and while collecting records might be less detrimental than logging every minute of his life, it still looks as if he took his collection to point where other parts of his life suffered for it.

  2. I also love your quote because I understand how he loved music and how it made him happy. I was in band and now if I'm not in a good mood or if I don't feel good I always find myself listening to music. I also think its amazing how people can express themselves through the music that we listen to everyday

  3. I think that the pictures through out the book are interesting. Patience is a huge virtue that I wish I could have more of. I hope as I get older it happens.

  4. This profile reasonated with me the most out of all the ones that we've had to choose from only because I collect records as well, but of course not as extensively as him. The quote that you chose was so perfect because of how true it is, and reading this you can tell honestly how much the records mean to him. A lot of people say that music is the gateway to someones soul, and for Kilarr I find this extremely true. The connection that he has with the music and the records define him as person and thats perfectly okay.

  5. It certainly seems like Kilarr cared for his work. However, it seems like he cared the the memory of it all even more, like he was entranced by it and the patience it took to keep it all in order.

  6. I think its pretty inspiring that this man is able to keep records like this. I also connected with his love for music. Whenever i'm down listening to music always cheers me up. It definetely is a escape from reality for some people and i feel like it is for both Kilarr and I.


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