Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Writing Exercise Two from Alli - Chocolate Gravy

Option One

Chocolate Gravy:

Many chocolate lovers think it's nearly impossible to have something sweet and chocolate-y for their first meal in the morning, but my great grandma Mary has proved that to be wrong. While it sounds a little sketchy of a flavor, one would be surprised how yummy it really is, especially when it's done just right. When I was a kid, we always visited my great grandparents in Kentucky, that's where all of my mom's side of the family is from'; and thats where a lot of good recipes originate from. Southern cooking is the best, maybe not for the average healthy eater but every visit for me was the perfect amount. I remember my Grandma making this for me as a child, and she always enjoyed to make the quirky treat for us, it was a staple for her to make this for us every Sunday before we all went to church. For the good memories that were created from this dish, that's the reason why it should be passed on, also for the reaction I get when I tell people about the mystical and wondrous "Chocolate Gravy". 
To get this recipe just right, you have to enjoy the chocolate gravy over my great grandma's homemade from scratch biscuits. Since she always made them just right, it's hard for the rest of to recreate that perfectly and sometimes have to settle from your run of the mill canned biscuits from the supermarket. Without them, it doesn't quite transport me back to running around my grandparents land playing with the rest of my cousins and the joy that came from getting the call for breakfast. These are the memories that I cherish. Like we all talked about from Mirror On America, the lifestyle down south on my grandparents farm revolved around our meals. 
Unfortunately, my grandma kept her own chocolate gravy recipe to herself so I have to settle for trying to recreate the same taste from google search recipes. She was one to rarely write down her recipes, unlike my other grandma who we are lucky to have her whole recipe book still today. So instead I'll leave a recipe that we use to try and recreate her recipe. 

Through this I have learned the importance of conversation in our society, and paying attention to the people that have come before us. I cherish the fact that my grandma taught me how to make her pies that she always made, and all the other information that she shared with me while we worked in the kitchen. She told me about cooking with her own mother, and where her mother learned to cook. These stories are important to me, because it's a part of me, and it's where I came from as well. Like we've talked about in class, conversation has been lost in our society and this experience has made me more knowledgeable about the people who have made me, me. 


  1. This sounds so good and "mystical". Its amazing how a certain food can have so many memories attached to it. I think that this would be something that I would like to try in the future.

  2. I'm totally convinced to make this now, it sounds so good!

  3. This breakfast item looks incredibly delicious. I love chocolate and I enjoy homemade biscuits as well. My grandma always makes her food from scratch and I believe it always tastes better that way. I can really imagine biting into it and just melting. Excellent food choice!

  4. I am definitely a sucker for anything chocolate, especially if it is in the morning. Although I do not enjoy real gravy, this chocolate gravy sounds delicious. There are so many different things you could eat along with it to make it that much better and enjoyable. It is also great to think this is a family recipe, very neat.

  5. Wow, chocolate covered biscuits sounds like an amazing breakfast. I personally don't understand why someone would want to hold onto a recipe and keep it a secret. Me, personally, I would want to pass it down to my families next generation so that they could do the same and our families tradition could live on. I think its an important part of family tradition. Your also right that the art of conversation is lost in our modern society. All you have to do is walk into a class room at any college to see it. I'm in one class with 150 different people in it and yet, the same five people are the only ones who answer questions every time. Its quiet interesting really. Twenty years ago cell phones didn't even exist how they are now and you were forced to have real conversations with one another and not simply escape into social media every time an awkward moment arises.

  6. This sounds amazing! I have never really been one to say that sweets aren't for breakfast, so this doesn't seem to crazy to me. I will definitely be trying the recipe soon! It's really cool that your grandmother kept her recipe a secret but sad that it is lost for now. I hope you can replicate it soon!


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