Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal 3 theo

I love holding on, every time we read a story I think to myself There's no way a story could beat this one but often I'm proven wrong. For this essay I would like to research Sylvia Rivera and inspector pine. I think the stonwall riots were one of the most significant in the equal rights movement and I would like to read other accounts of that night and try to find out that it was that really started this particular riot.


  1. The Rivera and Pine profiles were the best reads so far, for me. I have never heard of the Stonewall Riots before, so it was great to learn something new from this one. Also, I believe that the author partly tried to get a different account of what happened since this is the first instance where two people are interviewed on the two different sides of the subject. It would be awesome to find out more details of the events.

  2. All throughout the reading I kept thinking that theres no way this story could be topped and i've been proven wrong again and again as you have. I really think its so interesting that these people are so unique and often times really important in their community, yet we've never heard of them before their brief story and then we will more than likely never hear about them again. I also think the Stonewall riots were a very important part of the civil rights movement toward equality. The different perspectives on the same subject definitely gives us a understanding of how it affected every person differently and is definitely needed to set context on this serious issue.

  3. I agree Theo, every time I read a profile I think to myself "it cant get any better than that guy." Im always wrong. I read a few already that really touched me. Moreese Bickham and Tommie Bass are two that really touched me. Moreese was done wrong for many years and Tommie Bass spent his life helping people. I tell myself that Im going to try some of the remedies in his story.


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