Friday, March 11, 2016

Brainstorming Exercise- Devon

This is what the motel looks like now. 
The first idea I have is A.G Gaston Motel located in Birmingham, Alabama. It was hot spot during the civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr did a lot of his political stuff here at this motel in room 30. It has been named one of the most endangered places in America. This place should not be rotting. It was a major part of history that changed the lives of millions. It was also the target of a bombing done by the KKK in May of 1963. 

The second place I have is the Buxton Inn. It is located in Granville, Ohio. There were many famous people that came to the inn in the 1800s. I think often times we don't get to experience the way that America used to be and this inn keeps that theme. It still has the feeling of the older times. Many students that attended the Denison college were patrons in this inn. Years after they had graduated they came back to share the experiences that they had while staying at the inn. 

The last place that I think would be interesting to do a presentation about would be America's Stonehenge. It is located in Salem , New Hampshire. It is the oldest man made construction in the United States. It is over 4,000 years old. I never knew this place existed. I think that we could learn about the way that people used to think. 

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