Thursday, March 31, 2016

Journal 7 - Randi Goney

Part 1) For me, Dr. Sasaki has been the most interesting. The work and dedication he put into saving as many lives as he could is very overpowering. It is almost unbelievable in a sense. Injured civilians were pouring into the hospital, and he kept doing the best he could to patch one up and move to the next. His character is greatly dependent on his work and helping the people in any situation. He is a doctor, so on a daily basis he is helping to heal people with all different types of injuries. The atomic bomb was a boost to his work, "He became an automaton, mechanically wiping, daubing, winding , wiping, daubing, winding." Helping as many people possible was his main priority, and he did so in an unremarkable manor. I think this really goes to show the passion people have for helping other people. Dr. Sasaki could have easily given up once he saw the massive amount of patients in need of his help. Instead he fought through it and cured multiple people throughout the days after the bomb.
Dr. Sasaki
Part 2) I am very interested in all the effects of an atomic bomb on a human. After research, I found there are different stages at which different effects arise. During the first stage, many people will die from the extreme heat let off by the bomb and the explosion itself. Also, one will die from extreme radiation contact. The second stage consists mostly of ionizing radiation on the body. The third stage then is were most survivors are cleared. If you reach the third stage, which is about 13-20 weeks after the explosion, the effects have minimized and are in the process of healing for good. The final stage are any long lasting effects that will mostly be internal. Effects such as infertility, subfertility, and some blood disorders. In some cases, the chance of developing cancer later in life is higher for people who were exposed to some form of radiation.


  1. I think that would be awful to have to wait that long. I would hate to have to think of my survival in stages. I think that Dr. Sasaki really loves his job and is someone who generally likes to help people. It makes me think about if I would be able to react like he did.

  2. I also did research on the effects of an atomic bomb on the human body. I also almost chose Dr. Sasaki because of his will to help others who needed it.

  3. I picked Dr.Sasaki and thought the same thing about him, his dedication was outstanding, and in a crisis situation not many people would react in this manner. Like Mr. Tanimoto, he put aside his own feelings and survival to help other people around him live. That in its own should be thought about as him being a hero. I also like that you chose the effects of the bomb, weirdly, I didnt even think about this. I'm very interested in the medical view on things, especially with the atomic bomb because its not a usual occurrence in our everyday society to deal with wounds like this. I really didn't know that it caused infertility! That's interesting and something that I would like to further my knowledge even more.


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