Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Journal 6 - Randi Goney

1) My first biggest takeaway from the profile essay experience was realizing just how hard it was to put everything together. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I did not quit realize how much until I had to sit down and do the work. One thing is for sure, never under estimate anything. My next biggest takeaway was the interview specifically. I am not a big people person, and so being put in a position where I have control in the discussion was a big step. Even though it was just the two of us talking, it was still very different for me. I have never been in such position before, but I am grateful for the opportunity. My last takeaway has to be the writing decisions I made. Almost all other essays I have written have been thrown together. I never saw myself as making writing choices while composing them. But this essay opened my eyes. I now could see exactly which choices I was making and how they affect the essay as a whole. I am definitely most proud of the fact that I took a step to meeting and having a discussion I've never said a word to in my life. I could have taken the easy way out and interviewed someone I knew more closely, but I did not. Like I said I am not a people person or someone big for talking, so this was a big step for as a person.

2) I wan to always remember the profile on Moreese Bickham. The more and more I learn about segregation and the civil rights movement, the more I realize and feel real emotions for anyone who had to go through this. Even in today's society, African Americans are seen as the minority and not just because they have a smaller population. Bickham is real inspiration to never lose hope. held on to hope his whole life in prison, and eventually it paid off. No matter how hard the situation is, I plan to always hope for the best. The second profile I want to remember is Tommie Bass. He had such a close connection with nature that i admire so much. I always loved being outside as a kid and I still do today. I plan to work with animals after college and I see the same connection with Bass and his herbs. He really held onto knowledge and helping others. Bass was beyond educated in his plants and he did it all for the people. I can't wait to someday help people as well.

3) Possible topic number one would be, how is the lack of interest in nature and animals effecting our day to day lives? Again I am very close and interested in nature as a whole and I feel like the weaker the connection people have now a days can be effecting us negativity. Maybe I am wrong, but this is definitely a topic i would like to dig deeper with. My next possible topic would be is there still a form of segregation or class system that separates African Americans and Whites in today's society? I personally believe there is one, but it would be nice to find solid evidence and statistics on this topic as well. Both of my topics are derived right from my favorite Holding On profiles mentioned earlier.


  1. I agree that it was very hard to put everything together. I gained more respect for journalist as I was doing this. I think that Bass was a very interesting person. He was so educated about plants. I thought that his profile showed that not all people have to have a degree to be smart.

  2. I totally agree with the people person thing! I found it really hard to sit in front of someone and talk to them, especially such a long conversation. I am really grateful for this putting me out of my comfort zone though, something that i dont do for myself enough. I also think that your research about segregation would be interesting, I share your same interest and disbelief that people were and still are put through that. Looking more into it, could give lots of different perspectives into understanding why.

  3. I understand how hard it can be to have one on one conversations, especially of this nature. It is so beneficial though that it is totally worth it! The easiest thing to do is start slow. If you have genuine interest in what a person thinks, and they can return that interest, it makes for great conversation and many lessons to be learned.

  4. I agree with you in both of your research questions. Nature is not something I have really appreciated until recently, but it is essential to our survival and the perputation of mankind. If people are not more aware of this, and the effects that humans can have on the future of vegetation and our world then we simply will not have a world in which we can habitat in the distant future. Regarding your second research topic, I strongly believe there are institutions in place that are set up solely to keep minorities in America segregated and a class system to keep it this way. It would be very interesting to me to see research and statistics to back up this along with evidence though.


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