Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Journal 5 - Omar Shehadeh

1.     In Z.L. Hill Isay chooses to use a first person point of view in this story. I believe he does this to place the reader in Hill's shoes. Once you are in Hills shoes he puts you through flashbacks so that you can get a sense of this women's emotional attachment to the hotel and the effect she had on people who came to stay there. Some of which grew to become very famous, such as Ike Turner. The structure and organization follow along a liner timeline. Hill talks about how she found the hotel and how it became a hotel from a hospital and eventually the residents who came in and the effect they had on the community.

2.     Three things you might not notice in the profile picture of this story are that Hill is sitting in a wheel chair, there is a person standing in the door way of the picture, and the unique type of clothing Hill is wearing which she most likely made herself. The picture is taken in a way to show that Hill is running this hotel all by herself and shows that people are coming and going still fro the person in the doorway. The photo makes me feel determination. Determination that this women is here to help anyone who comes by and she will do it on her own if she has to. I think the picture reveals that this women has been here for a very long time, and that she will continue to accept anyone on this compound as long as they need her and until she passes on.

3.     Z.L. Hill is definitely a creative person. She transformed a hospital into a type of hotel where many people have come to stay and continue to stay. She even has full time residents living there. She definitely has problem-solving skills as she has to deal with people everyday. She even said she only allows men to live there permanently. Since "It keeps down a lot of difficulty when you just have men only." So in the past she definitely had to deal with rabble between men and women living there and decided it would be a lot easier and more stress free if she only allowed men to live their permanently.

4.     The passage that meant the most to me was in the second paragraph when Hill says "If I have anything to eat, I give 'em part of my food. I have taken clothes off people and washed 'em in my washer and dried 'em, and have 'em ready for them the next mornin'! I tell them, "You can travel on now. Straighten out,go and take your shower, and travel on!" This particular passage touched me as I believe Hill genuinely wants to help people and cares about their well being. In todays world, I feel these are traits that are disappearing and people are more focused on themselves and their own world than the world around them and the people in it. If more people were like this women than I think that the world would be a lot happier and a lot more stress free of a place.


  1. Wow, Hill seems like a pretty interesting and compassionate person. A rarity, I think. The idea of changing an old hospital into a pseudo hotel is a really neat idea. Sounds like a plot to a film. You chose some really great passages to highlight, and I think they describe Hill's passion perfectly.

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