Thursday, March 31, 2016

Journal 7

Part 1: The most interesting person in the book so far would have to be Father Kleinsorge. His efforts and determination to help others stood out to me. He helped fight the fire in the park and also gave water to the people who had been almost blotted out by flash burns. Father Kleinorge said " I hardly know where he safest place is" to me this shows that even though the event that was going on was tragic the first reaction is to help the people who were hurt and also get the people to safety.

Part 2: I am interested in what the effects of a atomic bomb does to the human body. After I researched I found out they can be put into four categories. The initial stage (1-9 weeks) is when the greatest number of deaths happen. 90% is due to thermal injury/blast effects and 10% is due to super-lethal radiation exposure. The intermediate stage happens between 10 and 12 weeks, the deaths during this time are from ionizing radiation in the median lethal range. The late stage lasts from between 13 and 20 weeks but this stage can lead to improvement of the survivors condition. lastly the delayed period is from 20 and more weeks, this period is  mostly related to healing of thermal and mechanical injuries, and if the individual was exposed to a few hundred to a thousand Millisieverts of radiation sometimes resulting in infertility, sub-fertility and blood disorders. The reason this interests me is because I would want to be a nurse in the military but I don't think I could do it because of the things that you see everyday. 

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  1. I agree that father Kleinsorge was great. I thought from the beginning that he was a great hero in the story. Like Mr Tanimoto he helped so many people. He helped so many without regards of himself. He worked to exhaustion. Also, the things that he saw would devastate many people and make them give up. He was a trooper.


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