Thursday, March 24, 2016

Journal 6 from Patience

1) One of my biggest takeaways from the Holding On interviews we did was that just because I think I know what to expect doesn't mean it's always true. I went into the interview with my great grandmother Betty thinking that I knew exactly what to expect, after all I had been given background information. I was pleasantly surprised by what she had to say. She was so insightful about somethings, and her struggles were easy to relate to. Another takeaway was that we all have something to hold on to, but we also have things that we need to let go of. My final takeaway is that Some things in life are bigger than us, but it doesn't hurt to have standards. We all have limits, but nothing should stop us from living the way that is right for us.

2) Maury Graham was one of my favorite profiles. I loved how he could be happy without needing material things. Also, his work ethic was refreshing to me because there are so few people left with that type of work ethic; he works hard and he works to live, not to get rich quick. He didn't discriminate, he simply did what was asked of him. That is why I will likely never forget this profile.

Sylvia Rivera and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine also had an unforgettable story to me. To be able to forgive and let go of the past the way Sylvia did is so difficult. I find myself having trouble in my life letting go and forgiving the past. However, reading this story and seeing that someone who went through worse thing can do it, it makes me much more willing to try. I think holding on to lessons, while forgiving and letting go of what led to our lessons is hard but clearly so so worth it, which makes this story highly enlightening.

3) I would like to know more about hobo gathering points and how alive the hobo way of life is today. (Hobo as it is defined in the book, not bums which seem more prominent today.)

I also would like to learn about the places where the LGBT community has been most oppressed and what has happened in those places.

For my topic of Alcatraz I'm curious about how LGBT people were treated within the prison by the guards.


  1. I like how one of your takeaways were holding on to things and needing to let go of others. I agree with this because we do tend to bluff off things that we should take more seriously. We also have things in our past that haunt us that we should learn to over come.

  2. I think that the Sylvia Rivera and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine is very memorable. She was able to forgive him after and respect him. The people involved in Stonewall will always be remembered. I think that it is important to know both sides of the story.


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