Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Journal 7 - Omar Shehadeh

Journal 7: Hiroshima response and research

Part One: Father Kleinsorge has been very interesting to me. He is a German man who has felt ostracized within Japan, which is growing increasingly xenophobic. I feel like this occasionally as a Arab-American and that sometimes i'm greeted with a perception that I might not be the friendliest person. The situation he is thrown in reveal that he genuinely cares for the well-beings of others. "Father Kleinsorge, who had been weakened for a couple of days by his bad case of diarrhea, began to stagger under his protesting burden, and he tried to climb up over the wreckage of several houses that blocked their way to the park, he stumbled, dropped Mr. Fukai, and plunged down, head over heels, to the edge of the river." Even though he has just been hit by an atomic bomb, literally, has had diarrhea for days and is terribly weak, he carries this resisting man on his back and tries desperately to bring him to safety, even at the risk of his own well-being.  We can even learn about the effect of this bombing on people from this passage. As they save Mr. Fukai, he is mentally broken. He cannot possibly begin to stand starting life over again and felt completely defeated to the point he ran from his saviors, evaded the military and plunged himself into fire. This man literally gave his life after the devastation he faced, and i'm sure he is among thousands of others who did the same thing. While Mr. Fukai was broken, Father Kleinsorge rose with strength and did everything he possibly could to help anyone that possibly could benefit from him.

Hirohito in dress uniform.jpg
Emperor Showa Hirohito
Part Two:  I want to learn more about the Emperor of Japan and how the people viewed him. conducting research on him I found that he was the 124th emperor of japan. He died at the age of sixty and passed succession onto his son. his named Hirohito means abdundant benevolance. when he came into power japan was the ninth- largest economy in the world and had the third largest naval power as well as one of the four major powers apart of the league of nations. He was not charged with war crimes as many of the axis powers leaders were. during the post war period he  became a symbol for Japans rebuilding effort and much deserved so as by the end of his reign, Japan emerged as the second largest economy in the world.

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