Thursday, March 31, 2016

Journal 7 Theo

Part one: I would have to say the most interesting person (in my opinion) is father Kleinsorge. His journey to me is the most inspiring. Even though he was in the bomb as well, his main goal was getting others to safety and putting aside his own injuries to help his fellow man. I like to think that I myself would act the same way, but honestly I don't know if I would be in such a logical state after something like that.

Part two: I became very interested in the fire raids of Tokyo. The fire raids were probably the most horrific part of bombings in Japan, yet they are rarely mentioned. I had never even heard of such things until this book. I find it amazing that we barely teach such a dark time in american history. I heard of the bomb of course, but as far as I knew that was really all we dropped on them. Reading some of the eye witness accounts of the raid almost make me think that the Atomic bomb was almost more humane.

Japan after a B-29 fire raid.

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  1. The fire raids were interesting because they were so horrific. It seemed that whatever was dropped on a city caused civilian deaths and collateral damage. The A-bomb does seem more humane at first, but is still tragic. It made the deaths more quick but more devastating in the end.


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