Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brainstorming Exercise for Presentations

Presentation Ideas

1.) Ellis Island - This island represents what America stands for and the American Dream. In the early years of our country, we welcomed many immigrants into our country, and they arrived in Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty welcoming them in. They all risked their lives to have a better life and more opportunities in the land of the free. The United States became a melting pot of people, that created the diversity that we have today. The country would be a lot different without it. Overall, Ellis Island shows us the dangers that people would go through to have the opportunities that we sometimes take for granted now in this country.

2.) Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL - A sincere place of imagination, this place really represents the sense of wonder that we have as people and most importantly as children. When built, this park broke all the ideas that people could have imagined of doing. 

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