Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three Great American locations

1. The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.  (
This is a area that anyone traveling north through Ohio towards Michigan has passed. Many people do not realize it is the biggest mosque in all of Ohio. It has members comprised of 23 different nationalities and embodies the diversity of America. America was a nation founded by immigrants mainly seeking freedom from religious persecution and yet Muslims have found themselves to be targeted and attacked constantly by Americans. We are at a point in time where political candidates such as Donald Trump are able to mobilize a mass following based on a political stance against America's public enemy number one, Muslims as well as the close second, illegal immigrants.This is what makes me want to do a research project on a mosque which embodies American ideals as well as Muslim ones, showing they both can co-exsist. This mosque is one of the perfect examples as well. While most Americans have a negative view of Islam believing we follow a out-dated system of Sharia law and oppress women, this mosque tries its hardest to show the true ideal of Muslims by adheering to "equal and vibrant representation of women and the democratic and constitutional processes that the Center diligently follows" (Icgt)  

2.My second choice would be Ellis island. This place repesents American values more than any other place I can think of, well maybe a second to the liberty statue. I think this place really embodies the idea of the American dream. That anyone can come to America and have a chance at success.

3. My third choice would be Chicago, IL. I think this is a immigrant packed city that embodies the American dream as well. People come here from all over the U.S. and the world to find work or simply explore. Its a place were people can fufill their dreams or end up getting killed. It really says a lot about America.

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