Friday, March 11, 2016

Presentation: 3 Places Brainstormed

The first place I would choose for this Presentations is Alcatraz. It is a very well-known place in terms of the name, but not many people know all the stories about this place and how it came about. For example, before it was the famous prison it was known for, it was also a military prison and fortress, named after a bird, and occupied by Native Americans.

The second place I would choose is local for me which is Rutherford B. Hayes Birthplace. He was born in Delaware, Ohio in October 1822. He was our 19th president. There is a plaque located on William street to mark the spot of his birth.

The final place I would choose would be Williamsburg, Virginia. It offers many historical memories of the town and the revolutionary war. There is so much that can be explored and learned about if you just take the time to either look it up or actually go. I have been there several times with ,y family because I have cousins that live in Virginia. It would be good for a presentation just because there is so much information to learn.

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