Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Great American Locations Brainstorming

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: http://www.rockhall.com/

This location is a museum for music culture in the United States.
The museum has inducted 749 people that have made an impact on the music industry, and on the culture of rock music.

Gettysburg National Cemetery : http://www.nps.gov/gett/index.htm

This location is a cemetery that was created to bury the bodies of soldiers killed in The Battle of Gettysburg, the most bloody battle of the American Civil War. The location was also where president Abraham Lincoln gave his famous "Gettysburg Address," and played an important part in reuniting the United States.

Silicon Valley :http://www.netvalley.com/silicon_valley_history.html
Silicon Valley is a place where American ingenuity has heavily impacted the world. The numerous tech companies in the area are responsible for many of the innovations of modern society.

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