Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bubba Spaulding- Stanley Kilarr record collector

I chose the profile of Stanley Kelarr for a few reasons. First, I used to have my uncles (he died) record collection from when he was a DJ. I know how hard it was to store just a few hundred. I also seen that Kilarr lived in Klammath Falls, Oregon, where my family spent a little bet of time.
I loved the first person perspective Isay used in this and many of his profiles. I believe it brings the readers closer to the person its about. It lets the reader relate to the person better. I particularly love it when they tell their own stories.

The picture was a great picture. It shows a lot about Kelarr. He is sitting on his bed, so I assume he is in his bedroom. The records are in the walk way preventing the door from shutting. Everything is all raged because he is taking care of the records more than his house. The picture also hides a lot. The main thing it hides is the fact if his bedroom is packed with records, the rest of the house is completely packed.

The creativity of Isay was the he just let Kelarr go on the profile. He basically let Kelarr write the profile for him. When Kelarr tells the stories about older people writing to him wanting songs from 100 years ago was genius. I loved the way he did this one. It was very touching to me.

Kilarr tells about the doctor telling him he needs to quit and sell his collection, and possibly have his legs amputated. He says " I guess its like a drunkard, always wanting a drink." I totally understand this. I used to collect football stuff and it seemed like I couldn't get enough. The thing is about a collection about Kilarr is dedication. For one to go that long and that in depth, one has to be very dedicated. I see this theme of this profile is dedication and a large amount of it.

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